Mid-life crisis

Well not exactly what the title says, cause who knows what is a mid-life, it’s just a term to remind ourselves that we are no more teenagers and hence have no right to have eccentric ideas or to speak our mind. At least that is what it is here, in my house.

So, I wanted to write this somewhere so that someone could read this, someone who does not know me and hence has no sense of prejudice towards me.

Right, so I got accepted in a university which is in England and I live in..well let’s just say in a country which was ruled by them. I got accepted in the desired course and was looking for a scholarship because even if your parents have enough money it’s disrespectful to leave one’s country without a scholarship. Disrespectful to what and to whom, I don’t have a clue. So, anyway I was working in a software company too at the same time and I hated it to the core and rind, the people were more concerned about what you wore than what you spoke, even if it were a pole with a nice dress on it, it would have friends. Not judging the pole or anything, but then poles like to keep to themselves, don’t they?

Life was a wreck. Mum and Dad won’t agree for me to leave the country, finding a scholarship for which i was eligible was getting impossible. Anyway, finally I had to give up, as always. I had to compromise. I left the job too because my mother thought the job was not good enough. I came home because my father thought that the future for me needs to be thought over…and over, and over, and over again.

I know things like these happen to people all the time. But then why do parents teach you something they themselves won’t let you follow? Why ask us to be honest, when you are back-biting others? Why ask us to be selfless, when you are robbing people off their dreams and asking them to live yours? Why ask us to be sensible, when you make our lives senseless?

I don’t have the answers, yet I know that they are lined along the insides of my brain, screaming and leaping across from one dreamless person to another like crickets blinded by faith…faith that one day…some day…

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