From the eyes of a cynic.

Once upon a time Shadow and Darkness were the best of friends. They lived together and were more than happy with each other. Then one day Shadow met Light and followed it around everywhere. He started paying less attention to darkness and even disregarded his companionship saying “What are you compared to light? She is bright and colourful, vibrant and beautiful.” Darkness was so heart broken that he cursed Shadow. “I see you desire Light’s attention more than anything and you shall have it. You shall forever stay by Light’s side but she will never be able to see you and you her. You shall be on her side, on her other side. A side known to all but ignored. You have betrayed me and so you shall never have me by your side as well. Your wish has been granted. But remember Shadow, light has no meaning without me. If you had never met me you would never have known Light. Never known the difference. Remember that you shall always be a diminutive part of me but I shall never have you to my existence.” Where there is darkness, there’s no shadow. And where light, there is Shadow, always following it.


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