Nobody is perfect. Nobody cares.



Expectations, this one word is quite a thing in itself. Everyone who has contributed in some way or the other in our life will definitely expect from us too. But this expectation thing has this never ending problem of its own, it never tends to decrease, the more we give a person the more they expect from us.  Here as I mentioned the “more” you give the more the expectations rise then why not follow the alternate path, why not just let people’s expectations go to waste and enjoy being a person out of whom no one expects anything, and one thing’s for sure once that happens you get the title of a “nobody”.

The title of this article needs deep understanding as one has to see from a perspective of a “nobody” that how advantageous and enjoyable it is to be one. So here we divide Homo sapiens into two categories “nobody” and “somebody”. Talking about “nobody”, this species of Homo sapiens have always been privileged as they have always had this idea of never pleasing anyone so that they never ever come demanding anything from you. The more dominant category is “nobody”. Their prime principle is “Never give but you always have the option to take.” The best part being people sympathize with a “nobody” and those who have the potential to actually lend help and are kind enough to go for it.

So let us now discuss the perks of being a “nobody”. Firstly being “somebody”, in my opinion is just overrated. What I mean here is that if you really have a good reputation and people just come to you for help you have to actually help them even if you are in the worst of your moods. You have to keep that stupid fake smile on your face even if you hate the person you are talking to, then what’s the use of being renowned in the society if you can’t even give off a genuine smile. While on the other hand being a “nobody” helps you live your life as you wish, talk to people according to your mood not theirs. Secondly if you are a “nobody” you have nowhere else to go but up. What a convenient way towards the growth of a person that is, growing up, always. While if you are “somebody” you have no growth, there is no meaning to life with such paralyzed status. The next plus point of being a “nobody” is that if a “nobody” achieves something it spreads like wild fire. The whole world comes to know about it, and soon you are everywhere as it is an achievement to transform from a “nobody” to “somebody”. Next up in line is the fact, which is also the base line of every “nobody”  “Nobody? Aha, No pressure.” Of course, life is too good to be taken seriously so why waste time living for others and please them, why not just be oneself and just live life king size. The next point is that being a “somebody” always has the risk involvement that people may forget you once you are lost in the sands of time but when you are a nobody there is no such fear, when people never knew you even when your blood and flesh was intact then there is no question of remembering you when you are dead. Being “somebody” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good thing, let me ask some “somebodies” out there “Do you like Adolf Hitler?” of course no one does, right. Then why even bother, at least I would prefer being a “nobody” than being Adolf Hitler. One of the biggest dangers of being a “somebody” is that you are always endangered or suppressed by a bigger “somebody” for example for those who are reading this “Are you Mother Theresa or Dalai Lama or Richard Branson?” No? Congratulations, you are a “nobody “to them. Last but not the least a “nobody” always has more fun as they keep their opinions, they don’t have the fear of being classified like there is in being a “somebody”. They never have the fear of a latest hate mail or maybe a person who isn’t coming to them for help.

So trust me and be a “nobody”, enjoy the perks of it as long as you are part of the clan, because remember “Nobody is perfect.”









PS – Do not take it too seriously. And please do not sue me. I am still learning. Image 

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