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I was sitting in the back-seat of the car, looking outside at the countless faces, trying to read the incoherent…and suddenly there was a traffic congestion so the car stopped.

We stopped next to a tea vendor, a chai-wala’ as we would say. And I kept on staring at him as all he did was to pour the tea from one huge ladle to a container, then from the container to the ladle and then back again from the ladle to the container. He kept on doing this for about five minutes with the utmost sincerity. Then he poured the tea in small conical glasses and handed them over to the customers there, and my, was that man proud of himself. He had one of the most uncommon smiles. He had the smile of a satisfied person. In that one moment he was possibly the happiest man in the world.

Did I catch him on a happy day?

Did the crowd of people standing there appreciating his tea making art make him happy?

Did his children give him the same smile before he left for work that morning?

Does he make the best tea in the world to be so happy?

Or is he thinking about the delicious food his wife made him last night?

I don’t know. And no one else does but him. It can be any of those reasons or any of the infinite number of possibilities. But, does that matter? He was preparing the tea which he did everyday and he was happy. And that is what matters.

Until three months back I was working in a company where I served as a technical adviser for an international company. And one of those callers, I don’t quite remember the gentleman’s name, had a problem with the e-mail id so while I was working on the issue. He asked me where I was speaking from and I told him, Delhi. He said he had been here, in India a long time ago. Sometime in the late 1970s. I was very tired that day (as I always was there) so I met his excitement with a dull “Great!”, but he kept on describing how great his experience was in India.

And among all the tourist spots he might have visited, the incredible people he might have met, the thrilling experiences he might have had he told me one…he told me how fascinated he was when he watched a tea vendor pour the tea from the ladle to the container, the container to the ladle and so on. He was amused by the promptness of the tea vendor, how he poured so quick and with such accuracy.

“The tea was so sweet and so good, it was the best tea of my life.”, he said

I did not know how to respond to this as I have never lived like that. I have never had an honest life. I have been too busy to find out where the next Starbucks was going to open. I was so busy taking pictures with those fancy plastic cups that I had never noticed the permanent finger impressions on those small conical glasses. I have been too busy trying to live my fantasy to ever realise my reality. I have been too busy being fake to be real.

I saw the tea vendor and I remembered that caller. The happiness on this tea vendor’s face somehow reflected the magnitude of that voice on the call.

It is strange how there’s an invisible thread of thoughts between people who have never met and will never meet.



The traffic congestion cleared and we left.



    1. Aw, thank you!! I’m so glad you took the time to read and comment! Made me smile like an idiot! 😀 ❤
      Exactly..there are no coincidences and we need to appreciate what we have more than we wish for. As you said – Live for the moment! 🙂

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  1. Honestly, The “chai” thing is very refreshing. This reminded me of one ChaiWala in the university campus, where I studied. I used to call him “Khan Uncle”. He had the same magical smile revealing his contentment. I guess certain people have that charm to find happiness in whatever they do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, isn’t it? Khan Uncle, you must miss him. And the expertise the chaiwalas have..oh boy, oh boy, indescribable. 😀
      They do indeed, I’ve still to find that, maybe I will or maybe I won’t…some people, specially those who have less and hence expect less, are particularly content with whatever they do which must be a liberating experience. 🙂
      Thanks for the read. You’re fabulous for always taking out time for my little blog. Lots of love! ❤


      1. My Pleasure! I am thankful to you because little readings give me a sea of happiness and hence I invest my time wisely on beautiful things. You know, I somehow lulled and convinced myself to accept London …………. now reading about chaiwalas and all………….I am feeling homesick. I am missing my roots.

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      2. Oh my! You’re from here? Great! That makes you even more awesome! 🙂

        Aw, I understand you must really miss your home…how long have you been gone?
        I’m planning on leaving the country next yeat for higher studies, MS or something.


  2. Wow! That is great to learn. Its been just five months here. The thing is, I was never away for this long any time. I don’t know, when I have to go back. Anyway, what do you do? Where do you put up? MS in what?


    1. MS – Masters in Science. I completed my engineering last year and worked in an IT company for about eight months or so which got me so bloody exhausted..it was unbelievable. The shifts were of 10 hours! And the company was a client of British Telecom so you can imagine the timezone problems…
      Anyway, I left it in March and right now I am preparing for higher studies…
      So, are you there for the same reason? Higher Studies?


      1. Nope. I have reasons much more wide and different from yours. I am a post graduate in Biotechnology. I worked as a web content writer and then as an Assoc. Editor for a British Company. Then I left my job because I have something else calling me. All the best to you. Prayers Assured. 🙂

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      2. That’s so cool- post grad in Biotechnology and the jobs!! 🙂
        Prayers for you too. May you achieve success in all your future endeavors. ❤

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