What were my pet bunnies thinking?

So, about a year and a half ago my brother and I somehow convinced (*actually forced, there were quite a lot of fake promises involved too*) our parents to get us a pair of pet bunnies. We were so thrilled. They were two little white fur-balls of joy. We would spend all day with them. We called one of them Chubby, because it was the fatter one so…(*fair enough*) and the other one was Loki, because it was evil and arrogant but I love Loki so I gave it the name (*so much thought put in here, eh?*)

But (*yes, there’s always one*) if you have ever had rabbits as pets you’d probably know what I am about to say…they are very QUIET (*see what I did there? nevermind*)
I have to say that, to the point where it can be annoying at times. There are only two activities – Eating and Cleaning oh and yes if they catch a cold they sneeze. (*a lot*)
Anyway, so it got me thinking that there must be something that goes on in their minds, right? And here’s a list of things I presume they use to ‘think’

Situation 1 – When you give them food/When they smell good food.

Loki – “Ugh, so much dirt. Why don’t these people wash it! Puny Mortals”
Chubby – “Hey! You should be grateful for the food.” *eats it all*

Smells Coriander
Chubby – “GOOD FOOD!”
Loki – “It’s for them pea-brain.”
-We give it to them-
Loki – “STEP ASIDE!”
Chubby – “But..but…”

Situation 2 – When you take them to the bath

Chubby – “Yay! Cleanliness! Shampoo! I smell so good.”
Loki – “LET ME GO OR I SHALL KILL YOU!!!” -scratches us all over our hands-

Situation 3 – At night when everyone is asleep

Loki – “Bunny 1 are you awake? Over.”
Chubby – “Yes, Bunny 2, is the coast clear? Over.”
Loki – “Yes. Let’s do this.”

-both jump out of the cardboard box we kept them in and create a mess all around the house-
-In the morning-

Chubby – “I feel sorry…”
Loki – “I do what I want.”
Situation 4 – When you play with them

Chubby – “Aw, I love these people. They are so caring and kind and play with us and…”
Loki – “Oh, shut up, they named you Chubby for crying out loud! And you keep me down two-legged creature. Or I shall freeze you.” -scratches us all over our hands-

Time spent with them was never enough. I miss them, a lot. The saddest part is that one of them died in front of me and I could not save it. All I could do was cry and cry and cry…since that we’ve never had any pets.

Here’s a picture of them, the one moving is Loki (on the left) and the right one is Chubby. ^_^



      1. But I like to believe that they are in a happy place now. ^_^
        Thanks for going through! Much appreciated. xx


      2. Oh my! Then you can clearly figure out those references, right? Haha, Loki is..well..God. And Tom Hiddleston does a marvelous (-see what I did there?-) job as Loki.
        He IS Loki. Okay. I should stop now. *_*


      3. Yes, that’s sad.
        But then we have the Thor series, and who isn’t looking forward to it after the end of the last movie. *smirks*


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