Rushing past the dreary summer heat, which leaves the sphere barren and dead
When the grass was dry at morning light, where the sol’s delight was the only dread
To masquerade the tears of the psyche crippled
The Holy Spirit of Utopia shed tears, it drizzled
Bathing the parched earth with vigour and life, its sweet respite beckoning to take away each pain
Lustrous, fair and gleaming, wiping away every strife, comes to our rescue the spirit of rain

Ah the tender youthful blush, the grace of those days
When the raindrops rush flamboyantly through the breeze making its way
The murmur of rain pouring on the sunshade like pattering of little feet
Guileless and neat
No one cared to position and regard its resolute solicitation
Where was this ignorance when we begged and cried for our gain, when came to our relief the spirit of rain

The clouds loomed in the wild blue yonder as all the mortals gather to entreat
So that it sprinkles cats and dogs and the sun’s wrath it beats
The All Powerful is too gullible as he assents to our disposition
Alas! He is unaware that he will later bear attrition
As it showers in rife, the folks rejoice in jubilation and bliss
Neglecting all the almighty still bears the strain, while none acknowledge the spirit of rain

The tress we chop off brainlessly the water we trash vacantly
We exhaust the green treasure without reconciling thoroughly
From the feathery creatures to the wild beasts, we spare none
Nevertheless we often refrain from giving up the gun
Let us all step forward as we endeavor to embody a better future
Abandon the mistreat we have committed and help the Mother Nature to run smoother
We all have to get drenched in the cloudburst before relishing the rainbow
Quit sabotaging the scenery as to the Supreme we bow
Still the drencher is pouring on my windowpane; we salute the spirit of the rain

[ PS – I wrote this poem three years ago. And I just wanted to post this and see what response (if any) I receive. Cause, to be honest, I don’t like it anymore but when I had first written it I thought it was smashing. 😛 ]


  1. Many years ago, I had an english teacher who use to say: “Edit, Senior, edit!” and I was thinking about her, when I read this. Maybe you should edit it with your today’s experience and style … there are some lines in it that are pretty good, I think, the beginning for example (“Rushing past the dreary summer heat”) but then there are these daring combinations (“We exhaust the green treasure without reconciling thoroughly”) Maybe you could take these good line, combine them new and thus create something new and better 🙂


    1. ‘Daring combinations’ hahaha you said it. It is so raw, isn’t it? And I wonder how much emotionally (for the good of environment?! hah.) driven I was to write this. I can also picture a teenager me sitting and just bashing my brains to come up with this. Doesn’t mean I am much better now but more than that, hopefully yes. 😉
      I will definitely try editing it and see if I can produce anything at all. Thank you for reading it and helping me out. ^_^


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