1. Good to hear. Though I was a bit leery of “psychopaths get bored”, I’m rather hooked on your work.


      2. Hahaha, isn’t it a conniving choice of username?! When I created this blog I was so much involved in the BBC Sherlock that it made me use a dialogue as an identity. I thought of changing it later on but I rather like it now.
        Thank you for your kindness and for always being so supportive. 🙂
        If you don’t mind me asking, what does ‘Hiseyeonme’ mean? It is an interesting term.


      3. Thanks for clarifying–use of dialogue is a very creative idea. To answer your question, God’s eye is on me–Always.


      4. It’s not “bad”–the running it all together makes folks curious, which gives me opportunity to say what’s most important in my life. And so I’ll add, God bless you today–write more poems!


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