Social Failure

This is a rant. Strictly a rant. So, be warned.

A Sunday morning. A day to be celebrated with family. A day to be cherished with i-live-for-it cups of tea.
But, no. Because in comes the fright of going to a social gathering.

I won’t call myself shy but yes I am an introvert, an introvert as good as it gets. I can talk to people if they are the conversation initiators but I won’t take the effort of going to them.

Yes, thank you, Mr. Darcy.

And then there is everyone else in my family, they are, what I like to call, social-beasts. They will go to everyone, talk to them, ask them and answer them, praise them and invite them to visit us…

I need The One Ring as bad as Gollum.

There I am, in a corner trying to look busy with my thoughts and the other three are just out there in the battlefield. I don’t mind it. That’s their personality and it’s a good thing. Sadly, that’s not the end of it all. Now people try to interact with each other and there comes the problem, when someone asks you something and you just respond with a light nod, you’ve just committed a serious crime. You won’t be spared. They will make it the mission of their lives to either get you to talk more or inform your parents about the your savage movement of head.

Not to mention, super-powers

Ah, I’ve been through this so many times. It’s like a broken media player, goes on smoothly until the forbidden-song comes and it’s on REPEAT.

I would love to know if anyone of you guys face any similar issues. (I’m not a sadist, maybe)



  1. Oh, where do I begin. This is me at every family/social event. Unless there are people I already know. You’re not alone, don’t worry. It’s always the same, you’re right. At home, you’re supposed to shut up and at reunions or whatever, you are expected to deliver a witty and interesting “about me” speech, a detailed current affairs segment (preferably with accompanying pictures or video footage), an eloquent debate on a gripping subject and also an impromptu one-man show in the form of a musical. Am I right?


    1. Couldn’t agree more! I fail to understand that why all human beings are expected to be the same. Some are not and the world needs to accept it. I’m not even good at writing an ‘about me’ let alone deliver a freaking monologue in front of a group of strangers, who am I? Mark Antony or a scripted Morgan Freeman something. These situations can be so frustrating, right? I need to watch some Tom Hiddleston/Loki or Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock awesomeness to get over this misery.
      Thank you for the comment, though. I am not alone! ❤


    1. Yay, another! We should all form an online support-group for socially awkward people like us. :’)
      Thank you for the comment. ❤


  2. firstly, please don’t approve this comment 😛 I read this section a lot today and it seems like you have a tighter hold on prose than you think you do. This might sound like the old grandpa writer syndrome but here’s a bit of advice – do try writing with the frills of visuals. As funny as they are, I think your textual exuberance is ingrained in quirkiness, I am not sure if memes add more value 🙂 you already have a great sense of humour, and sometimes, a nice clean white canvas is a kind bearer of gallant verbal savagery 🙂


    1. Why on fineti-is-better-than-nutella-deal-with-it earth would I unapprove that beautiful comment, Christy?! (can I call you that? Is that your name? ‘Cause my name is not psychopath, not yet. :D)

      It is so bloody encouraging for a person like me, who is afraid of her own opinions. I don’t write prose much because I think no one takes much time here to read it (also I’ve established myself here as a morbid-poet or something, i don’t know) and that is the reason I use memes a lot too so that people (if they start reading it) have a consistent interest in what I have to say…also I like ‘old grandpa writer syndrome’ suggestions, so I will take it…I will try to write at least one prose section every week from now on. And please keep the ‘old grandpa writer syndrome’ suggestions coming, as I have noticed that you’re one prolific writer, be it poems/prose/the top8 and top 5 reasons you do! Brilliant. 🙂


      1. christy it is 🙂 the best part is your opinions are your own and as valid as anyone else’s considering 99.9% of us are stumbling through life with irrational perspectives. At least yours sounds pragmatic and they are really funny! As you said, prose is this place where we tend to get lost, having distractions can be healthy, but it is pertinent to practice as often as possible because opinions come and go, but the grasp on language can fleet, if not put in flourishing circumstances 🙂 thank you for the kind words too, i look forward to reading more!

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      2. I’ll keep that in mind. I am so glad that you took the time to talk to me about this, so the next time I write a prose I won’t be biting my nails more than typing. Thank you. :’) 🙂

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    1. I know, right? That is why it becomes even more difficult for us, because everyone keeps on comparing us to our siblings. Although, I must say that I am pretty much used to it by now.


  3. I was IN that situation this afternoon. I prefer groups of one to two people (small groups! LOL). I am shy, hence, the blog. I was pressured into attending a Ham Radio Fest Food Gathering Event (the name “food gathering” was new & scary for me…but I will refrain from my stating my next comment)–I just wanted to RUN!

    First of all, think about this–these men and women are Ham Radio operators–this means they choose to converse with and among a group of people that normally they are NOT face-to-face with and these conversations can go on into the wee hours of the morning (I was once married to a ham radio operator–I DO know this for a fact)…so what happens at a gathering? Here I sit, not a Ham or Radio Operator, with people who sit in a circle and stare at each other because most of them are introverts and not comfortable in LIVE groups–hence the microphone conversations. I already felt like a misfit and then I was surrounded by people who also think they are misfits. How ironic is that?!? Then every once half hour or so, one of them would call out an operator’s handle (their name on the microphone), “hey, WD9IEW, how is the super sleuth black wire working for you?” Ten minutes of silence…and then a response from K9RES, “Working.” The bits of conversation that ensued were about wires and radio equipment! I learned that you can purchase a Chinese handheld radio for $35. I know the person meant well to invite me along…but it was as awkward as family gatherings!

    While it is good to expose one’s brain to divergent thinking and various opinions to gain a spirit of openness and camaraderie among the human race, trying to do that in family gatherings is next to impossible. For me, in my sibling gatherings, my thinking and beliefs are polar opposite of the rest of my family…between 0 and 10…there is a smattering of numbers…I think it is fear of what I may say next to ruffle their feathers…so I hesitate to speak. I am also fearful of rejection, so I just listen…I wouldn’t want to miss the next family reunion! LOL

    Seriously, I think I lie in the middle between being an introvert or being an extrovert–depends on whom I am with…whether I am comfortable with their thinking and their belief system. Conversation in a group, I guess, is like that Kenny Rogers (sp?) song, “Know when to fold them, know when to show them…know when to run…”–in this case, I equate words with cards.

    I think families are unique and the interactions follow certain patterns–because we all want to belong somewhere—so we do our best to accommodate one another. Don’t you think there is a little fear in even the extroverts?

    You can erase this entire memo, dear woman. I think I have babbled on too long!


    1. Hahaha, I won’t delete it! I can always read this and smile because I can relate to this.
      I can’t even imagine going to a gathering with Radio Operators-as you pointed out they choose to converse with people they don’t know, it would have been the ultimate nightmare but also isn’t it funny how these people are always so energetic! I find that extremely fascinating and annoying.

      And this brings me to why I quit my last job, as unbelievable as it might sound, I was a technical support adviser for about seven months…there couldn’t have been a worse job than that, especially for me. I used to listen to the issues of the people and then -Silence- while I was trying to fix it from here, and if I was unable to after a lot of trying and crying I would have to ask them to move about and it was alright till then, but the problem arose when someone went “So, how are you today?” or “How is the weather?” and I always had a one word answer ready for all of that “Good”…how can I talk to strangers when I can’t even talk to my acquaintances?! Haha, while some of those people on the phone were not troubled by my silence (rather liked it) others started screaming “What are you doing, young lady?!!” which was legit ’cause they couldn’t see that I was literally sweating here thinking of a solution.
      The wish to earn money and the stubbornness to show my parents that I am a grown up now was costing me too much so I left the job. I must say it was an enlightening experience.

      My mum’s a downright extrovert but my father’s not and that helps as he can understand me better than my mum. Most of the time family reunions become an ordeal but it’s fun to listen to their views which are almost always 180 of how I think!

      I consider myself between introvert and extrovert too but I also suffer from Anxiety and mild Borderline Personality Disorder – when that kicks in then I am plain rude – I don’t care who it is, I will speak and regret/speak and regret…it is an extremely exhausting never ending cycle.

      But I have lived 22 years like this! Well, at least 15 years of conscious suffering and I can live more knowing that there is johannisthinking and she might have gone through the same turmoil of emotions…I’ll be fine, I guess 😀 😉


  4. Sometimes I wonder if its me who is truly shy, and can think of nothing to say to people, or if it’s just the ineffable boredom I feel with the topics most people want to talk about. The older I get, the more I think it might be the later…
    Keep on keeping…


    1. Haha, now there’s a thought! I agree with you, to find a person with similar interests is almost impossible. It was better when we could all discuss about Cartoon Network – which I can still do but most of the people deny that they ever loved Bugs Bunny. Ah, well life.
      Thanks for stopping by! =)


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