A day outside. A bad day outside. – II (2.0, Is Back, Returns, Another day…)

Hello, everyone! Time for some heart to heart talk because almost after a month from the last prose-y thing I did..I have managed to come up with just one story/real-life experience from ‘My journey with ineptness’.
This will also be a Dimecdote (In all honesty, nothing much happened) because today I went shopping with mum. I tried everything I generally do to avoid going on such cute adventures. There was some cup-breaking involved…it got serious. That obviously did not help at all and off we went to the World of Stares and A lot more Stares.

Now the first place to go was my old school, the place where I spent three years of self-discovery. We had to go there because mum is a teacher in the same school and since it was on the way to the market complex we went there to look for her suspiciously missing Science book she needed for the next class…

Strangely enough, I like my school. I like it for all the right reasons like the greenery (it’s overwhelming) where once there was fire-due-to-the-hot-weather/friction (too much Physics for the leaves, I say) incident, the architectural genius of a building which is the only good thing about it, the slippery floors where I fell more times than the number of galaxies in the universe and YES the Principal, we’ll call her ‘The Sister’ (she’s a nun). So, The Sister is the sweetest person you could ever meet. She probably like the school for the same reasons that I do and she gets paid for it (Win. Win).  She had always treated me as an invisible kid when I was studying there until my mother became a teacher there and things got…twisted. Extremely agonising, too.

Back to the present – When we walked in the school, mum left for the Primary Wing and ordered me to go look for The Sister and pay my respects. See? This is where I don’t understand my mother. She knows how very very very wrong this is for me. It affects me. Everything. Too much air. Too many people. The hustle. Those eyes. Their ignorance. Their staring. Everything.

I’d tell them that if I were even a fraction as fabulous as Legolas.

Today was Saturday but many students were there for some ‘project’ which surprisingly was not ‘stare-the-unknown-person’. I was walking, minding my own business, which was how not to find The Sister and get out of this place. I walked through the greenery, to enter the building, almost slipped on the floor and just for the sake of being there I peeked into my old classroom and dashed back into the greenery on my way to the Primary Wing with the I-looked-everywhere-but-she-has-left-the-planet-it-seems look and WELL ,WELL….Great, The Sister was coming back from the Primary Wing, she looked at me while hurriedly walking towards the High School…and she walked past me. Yes. Yes. YES!

I was so happy!

Joy. Bliss. Confetti of chocolates and…mum was a few steps behind her. How could life ever be so kind to me!?

Anyway, she called me with a hushed “What’s wrong…” which I met with “I was going to follow her” (it’s always better to lie) then we almost ran to catch up with The Sister.

“Oh, she has thinned up so much…I almost did not recognise her…” A little carry on of a stuttering “I am well.” and “How are you?” with the look of “I am getting late for nothing” on her face and “Kill me.” on mine.

I survived, is all I can say.

The rest of the trip went well because it started to RAIN! Whee! I’ve never been more thankful to the clouds. We had to cut short the ‘trip’. The next time she tries to tag me along I’ll break a leg or something.

I’d love to know how you see your school, doesn’t matter if you’re out of it or not. Please share! ❤

Also, THANK YOU for the unbelievable 300 followers. I love you all. Seriously. In a creepy way. You’re all beautiful.


  1. Congrats on 300 ❤ I love how I'm one of your followers, and I'm glad that the trip wasn't too bad – yes, it got cut short, but oh, how are you feeling now?

    I like my school to be honest, but I wonder what I'll feel like if I were in uni and went to a reunion or something -_- ooh!

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    1. I feel equally glad that I found your precious blog (moreover, the precious YOU) on WordPress! ❤
      I'm a bit better, I came back and took a power-nap of an hour which ended horribly because the phone-bell rang -.- oh well, it was refreshing. Tea was ready and it was already past my five minute threshold so I gulped it down. Tea. Ah! ❤
      Once I come back from any outing it takes about a week for things to go back to the way they were…so it'll take time…being such has its advantages including how mostly mum never asks me to come with her unless she has absolutely no one to go with.
      On reunions…you know I have managed to escape all the school/uni reunions but now that I am back home I know I will be forced to go to the one that's in the first week of October… 😐


      1. Aw I’m touched! You’re MOST definitely one of my favoured blogging buds – I can’t quite picture it not having you there 🙂
        Tea tea! And naps – good combo.
        OHHH okay! Well I hope all goes well – and that the October event isn’t too stressful. I’m here if you need to ever talk 🙂

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      2. I will melt in the sweetness of your comment. :’)
        I can’t imagine my blog without you either and I LOVE talking to you. ❤
        I am sure I will make a post after the reunion…hope it goes okay.
        I know I'll contact you after it's over. 🙂


  2. It is very refreshing reading and discussing about school days. I think, the best and worst things happened during my school days. I was always a School head girl and was principal’s and teachers’ pet. I had the privilege to be part of beautiful teachers, friends and the school staff. There were certain bad boys and girls grouped into GANGS. School ground was no less than Political ground at times. So much of fun,jealousy, fighting, gossiping, complaining, competing, pretending, love circles, infatuation, love letters, secret admirers……. so much to recollect. Of course, all the night outs gossiping in the name of combined studies. There is so much life gone into school days…………..I feel like revisiting that phase all afresh. Now, I am all into it. Thanks for sharing this.

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    1. You were the school head-girl and teacher’s pet! Wow! You’re all that I was not which makes us a perfect duo. Hehehe 😀
      I was in a co-ed environment before I entered high school…it was a convent after that (hence The Head-Sister and all). And to be honest I liked the convent better than the co-ed because I was always the super-awkward-shy kid and when I came in an all girls school I found it liberating. Maybe it was me or them…i started talking more (which was still less in others’ perspective) i used to participate in school activities which was absolutely a new for me and i had a group of friends who would sometimes visit my house…ah good old days!

      No worries. I am glad you shared your school experience with me. Loved reading it! ❤

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      1. I am breaking louder into lunar laugh reading you. I am glad to know your good old and golden days. But you do not appear to be “super-awkward-shy kid …. not even remotely. I mean, your poems and other writings speak very bold of you.
        “i started talking more (which was still less in others’ perspective).” -This is really funny to learn. The fact is boys generally talk less. I am a chatter box. I love talking irrespective of other person’s unheeding ears. My job is to talk and do not expect others to do their job of listening to me. I am just my own. Few suffer headaches when i talk continuously..as i talk without any comma, colon, semi colon or period. I really do not mind. I am so and cannot help.Just want you to know that I am thankful to you in many ways. You patiently read whatever I write if not hear me. Stay Blessed!


      2. Hahaha, it means a great deal to me when I make anyone laugh, so thank you! 😀
        Oh but I am…I may be different while writing but when you take a ‘real-time situation’ I am not the best company…except for the times when I’m in a loony mood, those are the times I tell you.
        You know, it’s great that you can talk to people, I cannot and I know how it feels. It’s can be extremely difficult specially when I am annoyed/sad..I’d expect people to understand and keep away from me which is not possible without telepathy, is it?! (again an impossibility unless we are all Professor X)

        “Few suffer headaches when i talk continuously..as i talk without any comma, colon, semi colon or period.” Ahahahaha aw, you’re so cute to say that! I sure don’t have any problems in reading your comments, I enjoy talking to you a lot! Moreover because it’s a two-way communication for me as long as it is in writing. Blame my Agoraphobia and all shall be well! Hehe!
        You’re cool and an incredible person! ❤

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      3. Good to know so much about you. When both the parties are tuned in the same frequency, telepathy does work. The void in the party A is quickly felt by the party B so words have no role to play there. It is understood. Expecting someone to understand you- this itself is a clue that both are not compatible. “Expectation” is not part of the compatibility.

        I dont know how compatible you are reading my writing but do tell me if you are down with headache or your loony episodes. I am not good at Telepathy. My frequency matches with none. One thing I can assure that i am not the one to trigger your Agoraphobia. I never make people go on anxiety drive. Okay enough of replying to you.

        Now, let me tell you what I want to.

        Aaj london mein pehli baar humne PANI PURI chaka. Aankhon mein aasoon aagaye. Khushi ya gham mein nahi bahen aasoon, teekha tha isiliye behgaye.

        Do you love street food?

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      4. Aw, hahahaha, ‘teekha tha isliye behgaye’ – London mein woh bhi teekhi Pani Puri! Kya baat hai, maza aagaya hoga 😀

        I love street food, bhartiya hone ka bahut zaruri part hai bhai street food, but London mein aisi street kaha hongi jaisi yaha hai…hehehe 😛

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  3. Congrats on getting 300 followers – you deserve them! 🙂

    I actually never had anything major against my school. Even now my school has adult education classes and if I ever felt the urge to join one of these classes I’d do so happily. I had ups and downs there but as schools go it was great but then again I was a bit of a nerd so that probably helped… a lot.

    Keep up the great writing. Hope you’re having a good day.

    Best wishes,
    Alesbianspeaks 😀


    1. Aw, THANK YOU for commenting and saying that I deserve the followers! It gave me big wide grin! 😀 ❤
      Oh, I am glad to know that! Haha, I too am a nerd but that became a problem back in school…all the time. Only the group of four friends I had were 'like' me the others you know…the teachers were quite unfriendly maybe because I was a transfer student and such. All in all I can say it was an educational experience, in all sorts and I am glad I transferred to that school or else I'd have missed on some peculiar-same-species-awesome people. 🙂

      I must say I Love your work, the way you write, candid and honest, but I am those forever shy kind so to even comment on someone's blog I go through the yes-no-yes-no-no-yes… process and seldom win through it. The struggle is real. That's why I am SO glad you took the time to comment and now I am free from the hesitation. Yay! 🙂

      Have a great week ahead! Take care! 🙂


      1. I’m glad – grins are good! 😀
        I was never the type that really wanted to fit in, I just wanted to have my own little group of friends and get by. I had that so it was enough. It seems to make things so much harder when teachers aren’t friendly. I often question why people even bother becoming teachers if they’re not dedicated to the work but I guess I’m expecting too much there! Every experience brings us some sort of a lesson anyway so I guess that makes it all worthwhile.

        Aw, thank you so much for the little ego boost! Feel free to comment anytime. My blog is always friendly and never judgemental. 🙂

        You too!


      2. I agree, why even bother becoming teachers when you can’t be there for a student, introduce robots in the teaching system instead and there won’t be expectations. Haha!
        I love your positive outlook on it though. Experiences do bring us closer to who we are.
        Oh yes! I’ll be more interactive, I feel comfortable talking to you. I’m sure your blog is as amazing as you are. I look forward to more of your work. 🙂


      3. I think robots would be capable of expressing more emotions than some teachers I encountered 😛
        I was so negative that I actually became exhausted because of it. Negativity takes a lot of energy.
        I’m glad you are comfortable speaking to me. I know it can often be difficult to feel able to speak to others. I look forward to writing more. It’s a great release. My email address is in my about section if you ever want to or need to chat privately.
        Mind yourself 🙂

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      4. I have taken a note of your email address, will contact you whenever I need to talk to someone! 🙂


  4. Smiling here as I have three younger sisters and we all attended schools with some snooty people. “Confetti of chocolates…” Brilliant. Consider it borrowed. 🙂 I like the empath I think I read here. An enjoyable story.

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    1. Hehe, then you know the pain. I’m glad it’s over, though.
      Sure, I’ll lend you a confetti of cookies next time. :’)
      Thank you for the cheerful comment! It put a bright wide smile on my face. Also, thanks for the follow, I look forward to reading your lovely work. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, how did I not see this?! Ehehehehe, “lover words” what on krypton did you mean by that, C! Who commits such mistakes? As a punishment, 100 people from your ‘people to kill’ list have been added to mine. XD

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