Raskolnikov is dead

Had purpose been befouled
by sanguine hands, if
his axe shimmered in
the blood pool – red
I’d say and repeat
“Raskolnikov is dead!”
“Raskolnikov is dead!”

If befuddled eyes
Were rather dipped
in golden sorrow
If the silence sang
in his treacherous
ears – I’d scream and
shout – till it echoed wide
“Raskolnikov is dead!”
“Raskolnikov is dead!”

“Raskolnikov is dead!”
I say not, neither
repeat, nor scream
or shout

Here lies Raskolnikov
Dead – in the most
shameful way of all
In realisation
In resignation


  1. Well aired out and powerfully worded, D! Honestly, I am not aware of Raskolnikov (fictional character or real)..was just googling. The verbal impact in this poem is knifelike.
    Would like to learn from you on Raskolnikov, D!. All ears to know..
    Shine Bright and throw some light on my ignorance in respect to this guy. 😦

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    1. So, Raskolnikov (has the same initial as you hehe) is the protagonist of Crime and Punishment, *spoiler* he murders a pawnbroker – ’cause he presumes himself to BE out here in the world for the greater good, he thinks himself to be above the mundane, the murder is mainly sparked by the thought that if the pawnbroker were to disappear no one would be sad about it, in fact everyone would be delighted. After all is said and done – we see a lot of conflict in his ideals. Raskolnikov’s character works on extremes – he can be either very selfless (and so he thought while murdering too) or he can be totally indifferent to everything around him. Kind of a split personality, either self loathing or feeling gallant. Hence the book’s title – Crime and Punishment – I suppose both crime and punishment were in accordance with his character’s conflict and hence safely embedded in him, somehow protected by him.

      You can read further here

      Also the book, R, it is great! Can be depressing but it is the truth after all. You’ll love it!
      Thank you so much for reading and taking an interest in the subject! I’m super glad you liked it! 🙂

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      1. Thank you very much D! for the details….this seems too impressive and interesting. I will definitely spare time to read the book. Thanks for the link. Sorry to bother you for info… but when id doubt, I always ask.
        By the way…pleasure is all mine. 🙂

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      2. Oh, no worries at all! I loved discussing it – it’s one of my favourite characters ever and you’re one of my favourite people! Do read the book whenever you have time. It’s fantastic! 😀
        Have a lovely Sunday! ❤

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    1. Thank you very much, Chris! I deem Crime and Punishment to be one of the greatest books ever written, as well. I’m extremely pleased that a fellow appreciator of the book liked my little effort. That’s very encouraging!
      Please have a wonderful week! Take care!

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    1. Oh there’s nothing to be ashamed of, Frederic, as it’s never too late to know something new! You can give the book or any of Dostoevsky’s work a try – I’m sure you’ll like it. Glad you liked my little effort, my friend.
      Please have a great week ahead! 🙂


    1. Thank you Melanie! 🙂
      One of the greatest characters indeed!
      Wow, yes Pink Floyd is phenomenal! ❤
      Have a nice rest of the week! ^_^


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