Spectrum and sight

Will there be peace
after walking on
every possible path –
to know that there is
no perfect bliss?

Light refracts
Light reflects
Broken rainbow arcs, or
Dancing kaleidoscope patterns
Through mirrors or prisms

Light diverts


  1. “no perfect bliss”
    –Unfortunately we live in a fallen world, my friend. Anyone that tries to tell me that sin and evil don’t exist, will never ever convince me. There is perfect bliss to be found, but not while in these mortal bodies, here on this earth.
    Lovely poem, and picture. Did you take this pic? It’s easy to see you’re a fan of math with your use of shapes and patterns in this poem.
    Hope you’re doing well. Are you?
    πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. I totally agree, Staci! We live in a fallen world – and there is no way to consistence, specially not for anything positive. Thank you very much! πŸ˜€
      Unfortunately, I did not take that picture! Oh, I so want a new camera. :\
      I’m doing well now, my friend. Thanks so much for talking to me the other day, when I was not at all well. Your energy and blessings always reach me, Staci! I’m so grateful to have a friend like you! ❀ ❀

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      1. Ohhhhh, no problem at all sweetie. Anytime. Believe me, I know exactly how it feels to ‘not be at all well’. These past couple of days have been that for me. Stress, in turn causing sadness and tears and much irritability. My poor hubby. I feel sooooo much tension.
        I’m so grateful for you too. You’re like sunshine on a cloudy day (do you know that song? hehehe πŸ™‚ )
        Hugs and love.
        πŸ™‚ ❀


  2. Ha! I’m ill and i’m about to explode, my face feels warmer than the sun xD But i loved your poem! I desperately needed a distorted face of utopia right now and i found it within your words. No perfect bliss, but that’s what makes bliss perfect, its imperfection through the dim city lights and the shady corners of a lifetime’s pathway that longs for bliss. And maybe that’s why we were never able to catch the rainbow, because it lies broken before our eyes, just like in your beautiful words. Yet, even broken, it tends to appear after the rain. Despite living in a dreary world, there’s always light, somewhere. Because light refracts, reflects and diverts so that we’ll able to see it, even if it lies at the end of the tunnel. Loved your words loved the picture. They always pace together like an axiom when it comes to your posts!

    And a song that’s been penetrating my braincells these days, like it would drill some oil.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6IXyHIxERo

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    1. You’re not well?! D: Oh no! I’ll send some Gomen-ne blessings your way, Chinchaman! Please get well soon! Seriously, like right now. Okay! Haha, Gomenne I’m like an overprotective mother for all superheroes. =.=
      Wow wow wow, I am out of wow’s ’cause Kwon, you make my poetry into something heavenly, something I could never think of, tremendously awe-inspiring! I totally understand when you say that the perfection of bliss lies in its imperfection…maybe it’s just me, but have you noticed that we are always running towards perfection? No matter how many poems, prose, ballads I write about this particular feeling it stays in me like a thin lining along my conscience, something I won’t generally reveal because it’s so non-existent that it’s a bother. It’s always a bother! Most of the time, I think about not wanting ‘everything’ accepting the broken rainbow but somewhere or someday I will look for the full arc. You see where I am coming from, right? It’s like I am a fake. Hahaha, that’s the ultimate enigma of my life!
      THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I love discussing my thoughts with you, there’s always so much to learn from you! You’re an incredible person! :’)

      And, that song, that voice. O_O It’s echoing through my braincells! Amazing! Where did you find this from? Whoa!

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      1. Now i’m slightly better, but still ill, hopefully tomorrow will be even better, thanks a lot for the wishes, Chinchaman does an ill monkey dance xD
        I just express what i “see” πŸ˜€ It’s not me making your poetry into something heavenly, it’s your own thoughts and words that make it that way, i just “read” the signs on the sky you depict πŸ™‚ Running towards perfection is lifetime marathon that whether you like it or not you start running on its own road. In the end, you still struggle for the best you can do, dreaming of perfection, bliss is a more beautiful word though, perfection is for careerists and huge moneymakers, bliss is for poets lol πŸ˜› It’s always a bother, that’s why you try to depict it the way you see with the eyes of your soul since it’s non-existent, that’s why it feels more magical but still a bother since it’s non-existent. lol where are you coming from? xD
        You’re welcome and i’m thankful for your poems, i love reading them and sharing my thoughts with you πŸ˜€ You’re an incredible person yourself πŸ™‚
        Yes! And if you take into consideration that the pictures that appears on the background are from the friend of the singer that committed suicide by the time his solo career was ruined it makes it more heart-rending the overall presentation, both the singer’s interpretation and the overall visuals! A chingu sent it to me since i enjoy 80s Korean music and this one’s in the 80s vein, although i’m not quite sure if it’s an 80s song itself. But it lives up to my expectations.

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      2. Ah, about the Chinchaman ill monkey dance..don’t tire yourself. hehe, gomen ne(?) (^_^)”
        Get well soon! I can hear people go ‘Chincha’ ‘Chincha’ everywhere! XD
        You are too kind, Sir Kwon. I’m humbled! Thank you! *a round of celebratory soju for you*
        Where I come from? Hmm.. I’d say “The land of Un Chien Andalou” or in an intelligent language – surrealism, hahaha. Perfection is as much for careerists and moneymakers as it is for my mother to make me look good to the society, again careerist I suppose, considering how vital it is for her. Lol, without further ransacking into my sadist-theory-of-sanity I think it’s really the minute/non-existent aspect that has always bothered me, not something like my colour pastels should always be arranged VIBGYOR but because I perceive ‘unnecessary’ and ‘unnecessarily’, it is more of a trouble if anything at all. I am a writer, as long as I write but I can never be poet. Probably the science of poetry is graspable for me but not poetry itself. πŸ™‚
        This poem was written in reference with the documentary ‘The kingdom of dreams and madness’ about the animator of My neighbour Totoro – Hayao Miyazaki. I know happy, funny and contented are not synonymous but everytime I come across such an example as him, it is always a splash of iced water in the face.
        I just read about SG Wannabe and Chae Dong Ha’s suicide. The whole presentation is sobering indeed.
        Wow, I have no clue about the 80s Korean music, share some more links every once in a while please? ^_^

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      3. The Chincha people! They are people that are baptized under the High Order of Chincha xD

        Haha! Which one should i trust? The language? Or the Mediterranean part? Francais… or… AndalucΓ­a por sΓ­, para EspaΓ±a y la humanidad? xD Yeah, parents do have such views when it comes to children and sometimes they do forget that children have an opinion of their own as well. But when you refer it to them you receive back “andwae! cholte andwae!” and you say “kue rae? chincha?! aish!” and then they’re “aigoo, babo!” xD Even if it’s trouble, it’s trouble that feeds the writers ;P I will change it then, bliss is for those who enlighten their darkest corners with poems since it’s not necessary to be a poet to write poems x) Yush, funny, happy and contented… that sounds kind of blissful πŸ˜› Hmmm, let me share something as well then, an oldie goldie πŸ˜€ Hope you like it! πŸ™‚ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3C1XIsByNw *drinks the celebratory round of soju and does the chincha dance on a cloud*

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      4. *bows* I respect the Order of Chincha, sire! xD
        Para la humanidad, oh humble and mighty Kwon. Looooool bwahahaha “andwae! cholte andwae!” wow your korean monologues are classic. I must, as your personal historian, take a note of this in “The Book of broken-not-so-broken Korean and the Struggle” that’s a big name, let’s call it TBoBnsbKatS that sounds easy and good! xD
        Oh, I try and try to feed some korean words in my family members’ vocabulary but they’re like “michoso?” in some other language of course. xD

        That’s another gem of a song!! Arigato ne! ^_^
        *hands over a year’s supply of kimchi and gimbap, for being so awesome* XD

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      5. The Order of Chincha respects you back, milady xD So we’re Mediterranean Michosos!! Let’s create a japanese word out of korean: michoso + shiro = michoshiro xD Yush my personal historian and guardian of the monastery of Chakamanyo XD Woo! Now that’s a name for a book! Yes, KBoBnsbKatS is super easy XD I will tattoo it xD
        Oh yeah xD I try to make my sister call me oppa, but she doesn’t say it the Korean way so i tell her not to say it at all -.-
        Kimchi, gimbap and bibimbap and BBQ and we’re gonna burn in food hell forever xD


      6. Nao nao why did this comment never appear in my notifications, NAO, I am angry nao! Anyway, I caught you comment! Something’s fishy and it’s not the tuna. Hmm…
        Lol Mediterranean Michosos is a cool name even for those who ‘no comprende Korean at all’. So what does Michoshiro mean – “I hate being mental.” XD ahh and chugulle + arigato = Chugulgato means “I’ll die in thankfulness” oooh we must add these in your book. Only get the book name tattooed, ’cause the book’s gonna be pretty lengthy. XD
        I asked my brother to call me noona too, he gave me the Look Of Doom, so..well, it’s alright I guess. hehehe -.-
        Maybe our siblings work for Bakaman and They. O_O

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      7. It was a hidden message! It played tricks on us and went into the chincha cave! Nao nao nao nao! And it’s not the tuna loooooooooool xD Do you like tuna? xD
        Yah! We’re the MMs for shortcut xD Mediterranean Michosos! Wanna become pirates and take over the Southern Europe and Northern Africa? And we’ll hand it over to South Korea! no comprende korean at all XD Chugulgato XD Yeaaaah, they must be in the book indeed! Only the name, if tattooed the whole book i would need many bodies xD Multi-body Transformer Chinchaman xD

        Ze look ov Doom O.O Noooooooooooo! Bakaman and They are friends of They! They should friends of US, the MMs πŸ˜₯

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      8. Nao the chincha cave must be a magical place nao nao. I’ll hide there too when needed and my mum will go un-notified of my presence. Woohoo! xD
        NO! Shiro, I hate tuna. Lol xD
        The MM’s shall invade galaxies! Yoshi! Hahaha, we’ll make everyone a part of the dramaland! Either act/sing/dance or DIE. O_O XD
        Lol, oh you can learn that shadow multiplication jutsu from Naruto and get the book tattooed over multiple Kwons. Wow, nao nao that’s a plan nao. XD

        Totally ze look ov doom, they hates us! Too bad our siblings are already They and Bakaman’s apprentice. Why else would they deny this socially acceptable form of communication…oh wait XD

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      9. Yeah, you can hide anytime hiah in the chincha cave xD Chakamanyo! There’s chincha-fee, a shot of soju every time you come xD Yihah! Intergalactic MM’s! So much powah! Yoshi Yoshi! Ne, act/sing/dance or die, there’s no other option x)
        Nao that was a plan nao nao, tattoo nao multiply nao book nao nao!
        Yush, we must invent the GomeChincha converter to take them away from They and Bakaman! This is the most acceptable form of communication! Although i can imagine that if we were at a bar everyone would be watching at us “what are they sayiiiin? are they even humans?” XD


    1. Thank you very much, my friend. It is indeed all about finding the light, I completely agree! I’m doing alright, thank you, hope you’re doing well too! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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