Spilt over

two lanky men
Pale Violet
Greyed Blue
drag their feet
dipped in mauve ink

two lanky men –
their choices
plucked from
a sky upside down
open eyes to a nightmare
look away – and the
birds disappear

two lanky men –
sing songs of
pale love
greyed sadness
marmalade moon

two lanky men –
let go of
their names
their home
their face
all they need
is a label


  1. Lalalala! Spots Beauty with binoculars, writes about Beauty with keyboard!Ha! I saw what you did there! At least i think so. I liked how you depict the two lanky men as Pale Violet and Greyed Blue to form together the mauve ink! Hm, this one is not easy to decipher, but i’ve got an idea circling around my mind’s eye. And this idea tells me that somehow it’s about how people become faceless one to another and they lose themselves in the daily struggle and routine forgetting about the simple beautiful things, they lose the meaning of life and everything around loses the meaning as well, and as life passes by and they lose themselves in their routine even more, all they ask for is a label by the others so as to be known as “this” or “that” and they forget to feel. Don’t know if i got it well, but that’s it allowed me to feel, at least for the time being, loved it! Although i wanted to eat the marmalade moon 😛 But it evoked strange visuals to my eyes! I could imagine it with various marmalade colors and it was a beautiful sight! Also to go back to Pale Violet and Greyed Blue, pretty strong as well, i mean, they should be pure and vivid colors! But they have lost their essence, one of them being pale, the other one greyed, losing the feeling inside the routine, as i stated above. And a song for ya! I can’t decipher which song it is, so i can’t find it as a single song -.- But go to 44:44 😀

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    1. That was spot on, Kwon! I was on the same thought line as you were – losing/lost identities or individuality, or as you said vividness. Thank you very much!
      Haha, oh marmalade moon would have been a delicious feast had it been any nearer. xD
      Aha! Seoul Seoul Seoul – we must learn this song, we’ll play it as geojis in Seoul. Hahahaha xD

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      1. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Seoul is the capital of our hearts xD We’ll be jumping as geojis around singing the Seoul*3 song, the chincha geoji powerdance of satellite orbits!
        Woo, i’m glad i could dive into the well of your thoughts while writing it, in the beginning i wasn’t sure, but the more i was reading i could point towards that direction 🙂 *offers a scarlet marmalade moon made of cherries* *eats a blueberry moon*

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      2. powerdance of satellite orbits – Hahaha, you said it! 🙂
        You sure did, LoL. That is why you are The LoL!
        Wow, moon made of cherries now THAT is something! Thanks so much! It was heavenly. ^_^

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      3. It was literally heavenly xD You counter-attacked me with a new beauty while i was writing the previous comment >.> How dare you?! You ate the marmalade moon offering AND you counter-attacked me! Now that was nasty >.> And i’m still beheaded XD How can you be such a ruthless conqueror? *cries Pinocchio tears* xD

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      4. Hahaha, oh no, I have offended the ChinchaMan. Gomen! Also, you need to find a doctor to get your head re-attached, I’m an engineer so all I can do is weld. Gomen? xD

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