How manga can save you from getting killed and becoming a killer! Kind of..

Regardless of the title if you decided to read this post then – Congratulations! You are a brave soul and you’re going to witness the birth of an awful cartoonist today. This is the -exact- graphical representation of how last year around the same time I nearly escaped death or being charged with murder. Either ways if that would have happened this blog would not have come into existence. That escalated quickly, didn’t it?

About the event – It was annual school alumni meet. Before I went for convent education I studied in a public school. This isn’t about public vs convent schools in anyway – it’s just the kind of people I met at these places were drastically different from each other. And, that made me a rock. I am thankful for the experience – but my ex-classmates…oh my ex-classmates. This is pretty much how it went when one of my favourites (you’ll see why) came to greet me. Um hmm…I hold grudges, and I draw stickman comics (from today?) so Beware! For it shall rain beetroot juice blood! Also, excuse the grammatical errors (if any) for reasons stated in the last sentence. :’)


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  1. Aaaaaaaaaah! Looking forward to your first manga! 😀 Quite a representative presentation of people that have nothing to do with you and once you cross paths with them after years they still wanna talk to you as if a day had just passed and everything’s OK and let’s talk about everything and what about that and what about this and tell me something more and what else and please what else once again and we can arrange to go out for coffee or for beer and let’s talk about something else nao and nao again another topic and SHUT UP! If i wanted to keep in touch with you, i would have done years ago and we’d still be talking, but there’s no point in talking about anything at the moment and you don’t really care about how i am or how i’m feeling or what i’m doing because you care, you just want to fill in some more information about other people in your swallow life! So piss off! 😀 guilty^(-1) almost made a tear of laughter dance on my cheek 😀 The face is priceless in the end, it’s got the “kiss my a$$, i’m awesome” face 😀 T on the teacup feels like a super hero cup!

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    1. Hahaha, exactly! You said it! They want to know everything – especially those who have never even talked to you ever and are suddenly interested in your life. True that! And, this guy illustrated here was just..I can’t even. He clearly thought I was still the old-gullible-me. And, the tone of his if we were talking a minute ago and let’s resume now.

      And that day no ‘Gomens’ were given, chincha! XD

      Lol, the last face just happened, with the sense of victory frolicking in the air xD I actually have that tea-cup with the letter “T” sitting there like a boss. 😀
      Yeah, stay tuned for the manga bwahahahaha xD

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      1. Such persons don’t deserve even a nanosecond of your life! 😀 No Gomens were given that day! 😀 A Joker smile appeared on my face 😀 Woohoo, dat’s da face you should have had and dat’s da face you had you victorious you nao! I should have imagined that you really had such a cup of powerful T!
        -What would like to drink young lady?
        -What do you mean by T?
        -T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring da T at ma table!
        You manga you nao artist xD

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      2. Hahahaha, “Bring da T at ma table!” I will use this statement and see what repercussions I have to face. XD
        Nao, if only stickman mangas with no story-line were acceptable nao! XD

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      3. Nao, thank you nao, Sire! I shall make some more of these for your Pinocchio eyes. XD
        By the way, Pinocchio. o_o I..just…HYUNG! He is too good for his own good! I feel sorry for him. Someone get him out of the jail, please!!! I like him more than Dal Po nao. Weird much? Idc!

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      4. Arigato ne Gomen neeeeeeeeeeeeee Woman! 😀 I have the print screens for 9-10-11-12 eps, but i didn’t have the time to write about them yet :/ Yes! Hyung is too good to be true! And the plot twists in these 4 episodes were immense O.O I want someone to get him out of jail as well!

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      5. True that! The part where he calls his brother and says “I was the informant” WAEEEEE! Why does he have to be such a good person?!! That was a soul crushing scene. D:

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      6. Yush Yoshi Yosh! I was like that as well! WAEEEEEEEE?! I’m still glad he killed the other sons of putas and he’s still a good person to my eyes XDDD The judges must be kind to him because he went through a lot >.>

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  2. This.
    Beautiful. Ive genuinely never enjoyed a series of illustrations so much (true, I am sorry about the awkwardness but aside from that) ASDDGHDJKEKEIDDKWLW ILYSM 😀

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    1. Awww ASDFGHJKLQWERTYUI Thanks so much, Z!! Your genuine appreciation means a lot to me! 😀
      Awkwardness rules and so do you! ❤


  3. Ha, gotta love old schoolmates eh. I was so not popular in high school. Hmmmmm, I wonder how I would be with my old class mates now, and how they would be with me. It all seems so rediculous now that I’ve passed all that sillyness.
    Gotta love bullies that are all of a sudden interested in your life now eh. Or NOT!
    Merry Christmas to you, my friend. I promise I will never bully you. Love ya too much. Hehehe.
    🙂 ❤

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    1. Hehehe, I was easily the least known person in high school too and pretty much carried that title to is ridiculous I agree and I am pretty tolerant most of the times but I suppose that guy caught me on a bad day, hahahaha… 🙂
      Awww, I know, you won’t, my dear. ❤
      A cup of tea is my only solace in such trying times! 😀


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