1. Thank you very much, my friend! Hope this year keeps us connected and bring lots of happiness for you and the family! Much love! ❤ 🙂


    1. D’awww Thank you, Know!
      We’re not geojis anymore, mate..’nuf of that. -.-
      Yoshi Yosh I wish your new year is fuelled by LOADS of lottery ticket wins to Seoul! And, that you become a Korean Chaebol and buy Nippon! Hell yeah! 😀
      Okay…we can at least get some good K/J dramas, right? Achievable goals. XD

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      1. 0_o okay!
        Woah! That was great! Is she your chingu…or am I a too gullible? XD I repeated after that girl and now my brother is looking at me with murderous eyes T_T
        Anyway…Sae Hae Bok Mani BaDeu Seyo to you, Kwon! 😀
        Here, nao nao I’ll direct you to the right side of the internet. Them feels. NUOH. d_b

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      2. I’d wish she was my chingu xD I can imagine xD I repeated as well lol, but there was no one around to look at me oddly TSIN TSIN!! XD You should have looked at him back this way: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-9ggOG94fJYc/UcCCui_j6dI/AAAAAAAAAbc/QNoYDT3usBk/s1600/%231+Essential+Korean+terms+for+your+love+interest+meme+kdramafighting+blog+hey+do+you+want+to+die.jpg
        Sae Hae Bok Mani BaDeu Seyooo! 😀
        You’re shipping in an ocean of feels nao nao nao *.* I can see ya! You’re a right internet coordinator xD OMG WHAT DID I JUST WATCH? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irvTnUYOHXs

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      3. I generally do take precautionary measures while Korean-speaking-practice-sessions but this was uncalled for XD but that’s a phrase for your ‘love interest’ bwahahahahaha “Siwan! Yah, jugeullae?!” XD
        0_0 That video though.
        Nao get back on the feels ship, Kwon! Right nao! We have your precious – Snail Na Ra. xD

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      4. It was a surpriiiiiise xD I will be your Korean teacher, i mean, your Korean teacher’s representative, i will be sending videos and pictures XD Chincha, that video was so EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH? RELEASE MY NA RA! TAKE HER OUT OF THE FEELS JAIL! drowns in feels xD By 2015 i will try to visit SK, if pocket is gentle, as for now, it ain’t at all xD

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      5. Yes, please if you could, I’d be eternally arigato-ful (see? i need help with nipponese too hehehehe) XD
        I’ll jail you in the cell next to her, you can ask for her autograph then. Ottoke?! xD EEEEEEH? I really wish you get to visit SK and send me some kimchi from there! :’)
        I swear I’m good at magic XD

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      6. Arigato-ful! Omo! Nipponese! So many awesome new words in one sentence xD Yes, jail me please! Jail me nao and i will be a nice kid from now on behind bars! I can even poke one of her fingers while taking the autograph 😀 Yush! I’ll send a K-parcel xD After kpop, kdramas and kmovies, here come the kparcels! Yush you are, a magician of majestic skillz! https://33.media.tumblr.com/074e2efd270a169e00e0162b369b073b/tumblr_mys4sse4go1rvk81no2_400.gif

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      7. Yay! Convert all the world’s money to Won and buy everything Korean! XD
        Arigato neeee, Kwon-sama ehehehehe 😀
        Yosh! Lo and Behold for I’m fabulous. XD

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      8. Won for Kwon! Sugoi neeeeeeeee 😀 First sugoi of 2015 😀 Yoshi Yosh! You’re Yoshina! You fabulous you nao! Of course i will buy everything Korean if i have all the world’s money in won 😀 Basically, i will buy only DVDs, Blurays of dramas and movies and CDs from Korean bands 😀 The rest of the money will be on travels all over Korea, soju and food 😀 Because I’m the Chinchaman! chin-chin-chin-chin-chin-chin-chin-chin-chin-chin-chin-chin-chin-chin-CHOO-CHOOOOOOOH! The Chincha train’s passing by! 😀

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