‘Me being River?’

stars seethe about
unlinked black holes
roulette ball hops

I have the advantage of sight. I can see, which naturally makes me differentiate between good looking people and not-so-good looking ones. And, River Phoenix was only one of the former ones until I learnt about his death. To elaborate on his importance in my life, would be too a topic too subjective to discuss. I’d like to save it for myself. But, if death can save someone, then his has. Despite my rich shallowness, the respect I have for this individual and his easy to come by vulnerability cannot be contained in words. That’s pretty much all I can write about my biggest inspiration. This is probably the most personal post on this blog. Thank you, all those who read it. To know that someone’s there, listening to you, can fall short for those who’ve always had a listener but not to me. Not yet.

Here’s the interview which inspired this post’s title.

Much Love. ❤

There’s so much going on in this world today, so much ignorance among people. That’s not to say I’m not standing amongst everybody. But the point is, what can we do now? How many things do we really have control over? – River Phoenix


  1. Oh wow sweetie. I had no idea that River Phoenix died. When did this happen? How did it happen? I remember him in Stand By Me when I was a kid.
    He really did say it so well, didn’t he?
    I’ll have to watch the interview later, but I’m very interested.
    Thanks for sharing.
    🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank you, Staci! Yes, it was Stand by me that got me hooked to his acting, too. He died back in 1993, on Halloween. He was 23 then. And, the reason was drug intoxication. I mean yes a lot of people die younger and in a condition much worse…but some do touch you with their lives, don’t they?
      Yeah, he said it so beautifully, right? From the many things I’ve read about him I think that he was an insightful person, one who was constantly sad…hahah it’s like I try to identify with him by ‘creating’ him like I want to.
      I was re-watching Stand by me day before so all of it came to me like a giant wave, you know.
      Ah, it’s okay do watch the video sometime though, for a 17 year old his words are quite meaningful. 🙂
      You’re welcome! ❤

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      1. Oh yes, I think I may vaguely remember. Hmmmm. Long time ago eh.
        Hahahaha @ creating him like I want to. That’s funny. But it’s also not funny, because I don’t want you to be sad. 😦
        Many blessings to you sweetie. And a cup of hot, strong tea.
        🙂 ❤

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    1. I can always feel your presence, Lorrie, you don’t have to be sorry! Ever! I KNOW you’re always looking out for me. ❤ ❤ 🙂

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