Starers gonna stare and bubble wraps gonna…pop?

Hello folks! Brace yourselves, blink your eyes at the rate of an annoying housefly’s wings and forgive my incredible consistency! Ahoy! It’s time for a Dimecdote! 

More like for awkwardophile post of the month. Eheh. Did you notice the underlined word there? Yep, it’s not a ‘word’ per se. -wears the badass shades and reflects on Mount Doom-

So, moving on!

Yesterday, we had some guests over for dinner! Believe me, I struggled hard with ending the last statement in an exclamation mark. For those of you unaware what a guest is it’s ‘a person who wants to check in on you to see if you’ve (by some accident or social experiment) turned into your social media profile picture’


These three life forms who came to visit us included – a male, a female, their 4 year old kid. I love kids. I do! I love their fearlessness, honesty, and instantaneous decision when asked to choose between their parents. Well, this kid was talkative…but..only when with my parents. He even shared the name of his favourite chocolate and shoelace-trick with them. It went on for an hour with his ‘upcoming football air-kicks’ or how he dreams of building the biggest toy-car track set, and, then came the dreaded ‘Go on, take him to your room. Talk to him.’ -cheerful parent chatter commences-

My brother was not in the house so all the responsibility to keep the child engaged was on my meek shoulders. Kids are easy to talk to, and they have so much to say anyway…or so you would think. Once he was in my room he looked at me the way my teachers did back in school. A loathsome yet pitiful looooong stare…UNTIL! *To demonstrate further here’s a pictorial representation (yeah, again, get over it) of how it went.*


Untitled - Copy

Untitled - Copy - Copy Untitled - Copy - Copy - Copy Untitled - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy Untitled - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

But, soon after the third and just before the  fourth sheet, he became quite friendly. We made some jokes about ‘going to school’ and I told him about the Japanese key-chain thing which gives the user an ‘eternal bubble popping advantage’.

I must say it was fun! It reminded me of the days I don’t remember. Made me wonder how I was as a 4 year old.

Most importantly, a giant hug for everyone who still reads whatever it is I write ever so irregularly. I’m in the erratic phase of life. Thank you for bearing with me!  ❤


    1. Hahahaaha made my day –> “love the shiny hair, I saw” XD
      Tell me isn’t time one hard current to swim against?
      Yes, I love it too! And I kind of regret sparing four sheets on the kid. Haha it’s a serious mission alright, to pop them all!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes…it is certainly one hard current but for the swimmers who always tread the waters of past….its just easy to cross. the moment I read ‘bubble wrap’…its like hunting one wrapping and popping near by. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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