1. Reminds me of my unlucky 13th muse Kat-therine and a painting of a mermaid that looks like her titled “Cat’s Cradle” by Autumn Kegley. Great Friday the 13th post!

    It’s so cool how poetry can mean different things to different people. I love poetry!

    I’ve did research last year into the yarn games of Cat’s Cradle, and know it’s sometimes played as means to practice some kind of supposed divination in some cultures, which fits with the image of the string pentagram and the poem itself sounds like it could be referring to astrology.

    I think traditionally astrology focuses on the planets in our solar system, but Vedic astrology focuses on our moon, and I imagine other fortune tellers look to the stars. Even in Christian scripture, the story of the magi who visited Jesus after his birth, are said to have read the stars to find out about it.

    So much mysticism around the world, though I’m not sure what I personally believe about that stuff. I think I think we make our own luck, though sometimes stuff happens that causes me to question my skepticism. I play on Mentalism, and sometimes my predictions come true, but I don’t always share how, as I don’t want people to think it’s anything more than a mind trick. I can be charismatic, and I inspire people sometimes, like my friend Meg whose post I re-blogged yesterday. It would probably be easy to cause some people to believe I’m psychic. Lol

    It’s all just playing games though, and playing on words in such a way that they can be interpreted in many different ways. The greater number of ways something can be interpreted, the greater chance something can strike a chord with someone in a personal way. Creating subjective poetry that is personal to me in figurative enough language that other people can find personal meaning in it is what all songwriters do. That’s how we have favorite songs, that weren’t written about us, but are so relatable they become “our songs”.

    I mean, your poem surely had nothing to do with anything about my 13th muse, but I was able to share how I related to it very personally.

    You may have thought it was a simple poem, and may not have known about the divination of Cat’s Cradle, and yet I saw such depth to it, that I just wrote this long comment about it! I’m curious though, did you know about Cat’t Cradle being used for divination?

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    1. I had no idea about the divination aspect of Cat’s Cradle, and that was one mind-blowing piece of information for me! I wrote it from a metaphysical point of view.
      I love poetry too! Thank you for sharing this with me. It’s very fascinating and engrossing! I’ll research some more in respect to what you’ve added to the meaning of this poem. 🙂

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