1. OMCHincha! Titanise your thoughts! Earn Sparrow Points! Came here for the poem, cried from laughter because of THIS! Can i have an extra parrot point please? A parrot who sits on tea leaves! I also came to say something unique, i loved this poem from the title to the pixur and in each and every word. Half moons are uncertain, you don’t know at which phase you caught it, hence the next phase is obscured. Half moons usually possess a scarlet color, an ominous yet beautiful one and though the half moon with your blind bird eyes, a red spider lily blooms, like an explosion from the center of the half moon. Great visuals, i love to love your poems!

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    1. Hahahaha, thank you! Although I do bear the risk of being sued by some grammar police for using a word that ‘does not exist’. xD
      Yes, Know Kwon! Take away all the parrot points for I find them a bit..annoying! A parrot who sits on tea leaves would probably have to be Humming Bird sized! Cute! *-*
      Thank you very much. I agree. Half moons are beautiful yet painful to look at and as you said the scarlet colour looks ominous, the red spider lily is a flower often used in Japan for funerals, they’re also known as ‘corpse flowers’ O.O
      Thanks again, tomochingu. 🙂

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      1. We don’t care about grammar police once the word is one that serves its purpose well XD Go away, grammar police, we have our own dictionary!
        *takes parrot points, parrots and humming birds too and goes to the moon*
        Found a song worth of chincha dance, next to the singer everyone is doing the chincha dance and the song is good too, let’s chincha trot ourselves XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AEIceO0KQw
        You’re welcome and thank you as well for the poem ^-^ Painful flowers red spider lilies, paced perfectly well with the overall poem :’) Corpse flower O.O We love Japanese weirdness O.O Tomochingu ^-^

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      2. Whaaaaa trot still stays my favourite SK music genre. It’s the originality that speaks to my trot loving ears. :’) *sobs in joy at the sight of chincha trot*
        Perfection! *-*
        Yep, nippon weirdness FTW! XD

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      3. I could fall in a coma if at the hospital room would always play some good ol’ trot for mah earz XD It never gets old it just gets more love :’) Nipponians are aliens i think, they fell on the Nippon peninsula and the rest is history XD


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