5 ways to ‘pass’ time before an important result-day

A list post! I have been yearning for this day. Haha! No, but really. I’ve been waiting for a certain result of a certain exam on which ‘MY LIFE DEPENDS’. Most universities are kind enough to give us a whole month as the ‘expected result day’ so I can simply saunter all day, pluck a rose from the garden, prick myself over and over again, spend the entire day cleaning the wound…okay here goes –

1. Try new flavours of Tea

Weather you like it or not! Yes! Do it! Or don’t and instead become a barista! That’s the only other option I’m going to provide you all with. In my opinion Tea becomes more of an acquired taste when it comes to trying various flavours but everyone MUST try the standard black tea. Am I too tea-manding? No? Sorry.

2. Post random pictures on social media

Take a picture of your pet’s tail or your shirt’s sleeve, a Chameleon’s skin or your attic’s dustiest corner oh! and why not a stranger’s hair in the local park, and let everyone guess what colour it is! You never know – science might help you achieve fame in strange ways. Not to mention, you’ll be lucky enough to get a reply/re-tweet/re-blog/(insert-the-appropriate-term) by the likes of Taylor Swift.

*all your achievements have been locked FOREVER*

Thanks, Taylor.

3. Stalk your Stalker

Ah, well to be honest if you’re reading this you probably don’t have a stalker ’cause being a blogger requires hard-work and serious internet-addiction-issues plus avoiding homo sapiens. BUT! If you’re indeed one of the all-rounders, then there’s a good tip for you. Stalk your stalkers – tell them who’s the better stalker so that they never stalk you again.

 Caution – Don’t get jailed.

4. Invent a new game

If it is an invention..it should be new anyway, right? Hah! Well, that CAN be a game too! There you are! I’ll call it “Game of Knowns”

-Invent a new game
-Lock the lock
-Consume a packet of Oreo alone
-Dump this blog and kill the blogger
-Stop reading this nonsense

5. Create a post – “5 ways to ‘pass’ time before an important result-day”


I tried writing a poetry but have been wandering sites and forums to find a fellow aspirant gives me an exact date for the imminent doomsday! Even a fake one would do. Then I can sue him. At least it would stop the F5 *woah, i nearly refreshed THIS page* from giving up on the companionship of F4 and F6. Jealously, I tell you.

Anyway I’m too smart to call the university and ask for myself so..maybe there’ll be another list-y post in the near future!

Do tell me, how do you all survive such turbulent times? This post is an evidence of how much I need a ‘productive’ way to do so.

Ciao ❤


    1. Thank you very much, my friend! Haha, yes! I wanted the blog to look lighter so. 🙂
      Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. ❤

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