Math Days – I

“if complex, it’s
made of real and
imaginary : a+ib”

met with a
perplexed face

“can’t we make ‘b’
real? my name starts
with it.”

curiosity winnowed
sadness from her face

There’s a girl who lives in the flat just above ours and she wanted me to help her with ‘Complex Numbers’. Ah, I’ve been a bit *cough* a darn lot *chokes* away from Algebra, thanks to adulthood ‘other-world exams’. And, today when I saw her struggle to grasp the reality of iota – it all came back to me like a beautiful crest that was lost in the graph of time. I could almost cry. Sincerely. I remember solving equations, proving theorems with such rigour. I haven’t ever been the best (or even close), and neither will I ever do anything much to contribute to the field of Math, due to the lack of consistency that I so gracefully don. But, Math has always been a saving grace for me especially on days when I had had a hard time at home. I’d have obsessive thoughts like – “If I solve this inequality within the next one minute, I was right and she wasn’t.” Challenging myself for the sake of being right when I’ve already been proved wrong. Sounds absurd now that I’ve said it here. Haha! What a superb day!

Hopefully there’ll be more of such disquieting posts! (^_^)”

Ciao ❤


  1. Ah! The exact measurement of math…the black and white of it’s either right or it’s wrong…yes…it can bring a certain measure of “control” to an otherwise disorderly world!! I get it! 😉

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