how many primes does it take to breathe?

1 was lying wide awake
in the middle of the night
it was like every other time
thinking endlessly about the
unfairness of respite
from divisions
devoid of points

He turns over to rub off
the oddity of his sadness
stares at 0 lying next to him –
the rubble of a
failed relationship with
the only other 1 in his life

1 looks at his phone
sees a message by 2
– someone
so primely oblivious
to the agony of
being uneven
that it hurts 1 to
be himself around her
to know that no
power would ever make him
overcome his rudimentary

1, now distracted
by the ticking of the clock
envying its indecision,
notices the time
“Has 5 am ever been
darker before?”
he wonders

1 gets up and walks to
the window, stretches side-wards
to slide gloom off of itself
notices a struggling 7
reflect in the glass
instantly stands upright;
opens the window to
count the stars in the sky


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