Deliberate optimism, I cannot

For the sake of
living that one more day
when your family
lets you know
how useless
you are
For the sake of
breathing that one more day
when every casual
glance towards
you is suffocating
For the sake of
sinning that one more day
when a neighbour
pities you
’cause she doesn’t know
you hate her
For the sake of
hating that one more day
when they kept on knocking
and you made an excuse
’cause you’re a coward
For the sake of
daring to hope that one more day
when your family
lied to you that
you could change
For the sake of
sleeping that one more day
when you could’ve
stopped it all
For the sake of
loving words which
don’t come back to you
and you stand there
waiting ’cause that’s
all you can do
For the sake of
all the hopelessness that
you cannot speak of
’cause you don’t speak
their language
I don’t speak positive
It’s irrational to me
This isn’t a phase
Hardships or not
some people are this way
They complain
They sigh
They don’t try
to improve their lives
They are too lazy
to give things a shot
They are too weary
to wake up with a smile
They are a waste
And, they don’t change

So please give up on me
Like I have on myself
That’s the one and
the only thing you
can learn from me


    1. I was too Lorrie! ā¤
      Ah, I miss 2014. It was such a lovely year. College takes too much time and it has made me cruelly dull.
      Hope everything is well with you and your family, my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

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