When you realise your Heroes are mortal

she believed in upbeat harmonica tunes
even with the scary idea of new careers in new towns
’cause every Rebel Rebel needs a Black Star to
tell her that she is simply a Space Oddity
like everyone alive
which he is not

and every day and death only brings
her nearer to wishing her Hero
a Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas Mr. Bowie

Rest in peace David Bowie, you genius man.


  1. Wow. I didn’t even know till I read your awe stricken commemorative piece. This is sad news, but I’m so glad this is how I found out. Thanks for sharing. I’ll never forget this moment.

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    1. Thank you very much, Spahr. I am humbled by your words.
      This news left me very shaken and crestfallen…it’s unbelievable. He was a revolutionary artist and I like to think a brilliant human being too.
      It’s good to see you. Hope you are well.

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      1. You too. I’m sure he was brilliant. I know you know a lot more about the legacy he left. It’s a strange reminder – to not let days slip by insignificantly when the world loses someone so symbolic. At least there’s still a lot to appreciate and be inspired by. Take care Light πŸ™‚

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      2. Yes – to not let days slip by insignificantly – but sometimes I think what good would my days do anyway…university and routine life is definitely not for me.
        Thank goodness for art and writers like you – there’s always inspiration waiting to be discovered. You too Spahr. πŸ™‚

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  2. he has been a hero of mine for 40 years, but I never got the impression he craved the super personality status wanted by so many in the media today. Sure he was cool and self-imagery probably crucial to his inspiring creativity turning art into money. He was always natural, if different or extraordinary, in interviews and a more than accomplished musician but I never thought of him as immortal. He was so cool if you like, he only had to be himself, with media or the fan, or the public
    thankyou for reading his lyrics on his death day.
    He’s painting somewhere.

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    1. Agreed, he was naturally unique – with an inspiring disposition. I was watching an interview of his on Late night with Conan O’Brien when he came to promote Heathen and it was as if he was driving the show inherently.
      For me his movie Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence stands very special and whenever I have wanted the stars to shine brighter I have resorted to it – gives me a strange feeling of familiarity even with the supposed ‘raw’ acting and sad ending.
      As for positioning him as immortal i probably think the same about my parents…and I think things will change soon on many fronts…realisations are all I experience these days.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I loved reading them. It’s brilliant how much people like Mr. Bowie can affect us on an individual and interpersonal level.
      Take care. πŸ™‚

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