whatever works


for once let’s
transform into a cage
and protect our insanity –
so white yet singular

Just showing this awesome being around the mess of my brain. Now you know what you have gotten yourself into (quite helplessly), Saitama (that’s his name).


  1. I had some cacti (cute cluster in a tiny pot – one had a yellow flower thing so I secretly favored it), I remember learning how little water they lived on and had a funny thought about their lack of direct nourishment, so I made sure to say Hi. You’re not crazy, or maybe? Who cares! I miss my cacti 😦

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    1. ‘one had a yellow flower thing so I secretly favored it’ – hahaha, favourite colour bias I see.
      Yeah, and in winters they’re alright with no water, it seems. For the lack of having good listeners around me I talk to him too, haha. I love how harmless and easy-to-look-after these prickly-plants are.
      I think I am the necessary-crazy lot of the population.
      Maybe you can get a new one (with a yellow flower thing of course), think of it as a reincarnation of your old one and write about it. 🙂

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