it’s the little things

in the eagerness
to find tedium
she sways in the train
as it snakes through
directionless tunnels
which wrap their shadow
around her eyes
the gentle sun of
winter fiddles its
duty while
bench-pressing clouds

“its? should we decide a gender for the sun? or does it have one already? does everything perceivable require a description to accompany it? oh look the door’s unlocked…someone might enter asking for something they need…

the harmonic rhythm of
wheels hitting the
track joints
puts her at ease

“yes, i don’t like most people i claim to like…and if i don’t ever admit to it, with my face, my voice, my eyes, it won’t be true. it’s alright to be filth as long as others don’t know about it.”


  1. Gender, the much forced paradigm. I prefer root expression over structuralism. Some try to twist that thought into defining roots, but what’s a root on a quantum level? Are we not born from stars and Suns? I hope so, I truly think so.
    Bench-pressing clouds gave me a terrific image. You invoked really bright strength in this while balancing darkening weakness. Forward, onward! This train doesn’t stop!

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    1. Precisely. And, how does one define nature’s gender? While we are the creators of Language – it has started enforcing major gaps in our understanding of simple things.
      Thank you, I am glad it served your imagination well.
      The train doesn’t stop indeed. Thank you for your thoughtful words! 🙂

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  2. I love the movement and depth of this piece and the very thought that clouds might be bench-pressed is quite simply, awesome. Clever, very clever. If death can be a female then surely everything else also has the opportunity to be either which way or up.

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    1. Thank you very much! The compliment ‘Clever’ coming from you truly means a lot for I regard you as one of the cleverest wordsmiths that I have ever come across. Thank you.

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      1. Ok, now I think I’ve travelled to an alternate universe where I’ve been replaced by someone who actually understands language. No, seriously though, that’s possibly the most beautiful compliment I’ve had in a very long time. Cherished.

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