old enough to be nostalgic

of course i liked what
i used to write – about nights
shedding its stars for a day
(but oh, days!)
about freedom and peeling off
friends from my life
(but oh, freedom and friends!)
about parasitic wishes and
my grandfather’s dried out mind
(but oh, wishes and grandfather!)
about squeezing my skin out
of its shame and the obviousness
of nature being a wonder
(but oh, skin and nature!)
on a fifth thought i think
i still write about the
same things and even this i repeat
and it’s only fair that i do!
I have never used exclamations
in a poem before and i told you
that you had me all figured out
Oh, yes.
Always an almost.


  1. I like the semi-reflective nature of this piece. It is good to remember that everything that has passed adds a layer to who we are, and it is up to us to build upon it. A fine piece which scans well with each read.

    Liked by 1 person

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