some words

i pursued it till it lost its meaning
that’s why my head weighs
heavier on my hands
and lighter in the air
heavier on others’ shoulders
but lighter on the floor

as pity stems from worn-out love
and blooms in forced smiles
with raised eyebrows
the sight of which is as
alluring as it is despicable

appreciable, nonetheless;
everything in its own way
is appreciable
no matter how negative
the lessons drawn from a story is
it’s all towards the little good
that can be found in the destruction that
comes with each tick of the needle
and each memory we rebuild in our
heads for our convenience
it will take a lifetime to
learn that sounds are
simply the gaps between the inaudible
the comforting routine sounds
the kind routine inaudible

it’s probably the colours
that bother me the most
yet i wanted it to stay
a little longer

i’ll take your miseries
take care of them better
than what i’ve done with mine
but give me your laughter
and your people
your colours
your flair
your sun
your filth
just for a day
and i will be a little less greedy

give me a day of an unmindful you
’cause you’ve lost whatever it is
you meant to me once
and i promise to be a little less of you


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