Just saying…

“I guess we are who we are,

Headlights shining in the dark night I drive on

Maybe we took this too far.”

I am not a big follower of the rap genre of music. I would listen to some of the Eminem raps once in a while when I felt very angry and wanted to curse my life and the people in it (listening to such music is often labelled – rebellion and radicalism) but not more than that…

But I heard this one (Headlights) by Eminem recently, which was released on Mother’s day, and I was speechless. The song isn’t strikingly emotional. It isn’t much catchy. It’s a story about an international artist I barely know anything about, but I couldn’t help but listen to it over and over again.

If you’ve heard some of Eminem’s previous raps, he has laid some serious accusations on his mother for her parenting techniques and her way of living. And now at the age of 41 he writes a song apologising to his mother for all her said and did.

Maybe it took him these many years to realise or maybe he still hasn’t or maybe he had but never made a song about it whatever maybe the reason, he accepted and forgave. He acknowledged that no matter whatever was in the past he cannot stop loving her because she after all is his mother.

Forgiveness, in my opinion, is a herculean act.

I’ve seen people who live their whole lives and still hate that one person they always hated, to their death-bed. Also I have seen people remorseful about what they said, did or were but never apologising for it. And when I look back in my life I think I am one of those people. Maybe it’s cowardice but then ‘I guess we are who we are’.

Sometimes it is easy to get rid of certain bad memories while some are permanently embedded in your life like the sun in the sky.