A Truth Untold

It runs in the family
I am not liked by my mother
and she was not liked by hers
To be good enough
we fought
Good enough
we never were
never will be

But if
by a disaster
in disguise of a miracle
good enough
we ever become
we would have nothing
between us
that is what binds us 
our ideal imperfections

Unbiased Memories

If only I could
bring back the feeling of
reading my favourite book
for the first time

If only I could
bring back the joy of
laughing with you
for the first time

If only I could
bring back the sound of
her saccharine voice when I heard it
for the first time

If I could
It would all sum up to nothing
but great agony
that feeling
that joy
that chime
is what parts us now
in ways that can never
be traced back


Sitting in the dark room
The light filtering from the windows
Igniting the tear drops
dancing at the fringes of the eyelashes
Making it glow like
the Christmas tree lights
Only seen in the darkest night
but luminescent still
And yes
It was a celebration no less
It was the day of redundancy
The ethereal soul was free
of the amorphous
social fight or flight
And oh how we wish we could choose both

The smile on that ignited face never ceased
As it was the last to be ever seen

‘Sinistral’ Of the left and ‘Dextral’ of the right?! (The woes of being a left handed)



So another fine day and I am going through a word-list swot up session ( Yay, life! -.-‘ ) and I come across this word ‘Sinistral‘ which means (and the quote the wordweb dictionary) – “Of or on the left / preferring to use the left foot, hand or eye” (not the left ear?! such a shame) and the antonym of it is ‘Dextral’ – “Of or on the right / preferring to use the right foot, hand or eye”

So for some obvious reasons Sinistral comes from the root word Sinister (referring to everything evil and tragic) while Dextral comes from Dexterity/Dexterous (referring to skillful in movement).

I am a left handed and I fail to understand that why is left handedness associated with the EVIL! To be honest the left handed people face enough trouble carrying out the daily routine work…and so after 22 years of being a proud left-handed I have made a list of problems/strange questions /awkward situations gifted to the southpaws (maybe it’s just me but whatever…).


Of course you all went to that one school/college/office meeting where there is a desk and you are surrounded by right handed colleagues and while all you are trying to do is take notes  they give you the much feared ‘LOOK OF DOOM’ because apparently you are ‘doing it on purpose’ and so to avoid the wrath of the furious benchmates you either keep your notebook on your lap and write or mold your hand with the supernatural left handed powers you’ve got…and WOOHOO YOU’VE GOT YOURSELF A NOTEBOOK OF ILLEGIBLE HANDWRITING AND A FEW FRIENDS (what else could you wish for!)

2. Okay, let’s write it down…SMUDGE SMUDGE SMUDGE ALL AROUND

Yup, unless you are Leonardo Da Vinci who actually wrote from right to left that too backwards, you are going to smudge that page bad, your-mum-taking-away your-last-jar-of-Nutella bad. And then when you try to write something on your friend’s notebook ‘Hallelujah’ because you have ruined theirs too! -RETURN OF THE LOOK OF DOOM- Also you get to paint the side of your palm with red/blue/green (how convenient!)

3. Cut that paper for me?

Nah, I’d rather cut my fingers off.

Now, I don’t know if anyone else fits in this category but I have always. Whenever we had some craft/project work and we had to cut out the colourful sheets (tell me about it), I always used to end up either ruining the whole sheet because I could not cut straight or cutting my fingers instead. Both of which are not required for a passing grade in any project.

4. Right-handed desks – Bane of our existence.

Okay, this is something to which every left handed can relate. A desk which has the full elbow to hand support for a right hand…WHAT EVEN! So, there you see all the happy right handed kids in the class writing and painting and there you are trying to maintain balance between the notebook and the piece of wood (misery gets amplified if it is not hinged) attached to the right side of the chair.


  • So many people famous people are left-handed!  (Okay.)
  •  You are so lucky to be unique! (Haha. Yes *_*)
  • President Obama is left-handed!  (I know.)
  • Can you show me your right hand handwriting?   (No. I cannot hold a pencil with it.) 
  • Angelina Jolie is left handed!   (Alright.)
  • One of my great grandfather’s daughter’s cousin’s uncle’s son’s lost cat’s new owner is left handed!   (Wow. So cool. *Applauds*)
  • Are you left  handed from birth?   (No, I just woke up last morning and it happened)
  • OMG, Robert De Niro is left handed  (-_-)
  • Do you hold the fork in your right hand?    (Yes. And to your throat too!)
  • Your brain must work differently, eh (Oh, you don’t know the start of it)
  • Oh no man, Justin Bieber is left handed. Poor you.  (What.)
  • IT IS SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH YOU WRITE!!    (I KNOW, RIGHT ?! Want to see me eat too?)
  • You know, you can buy a left handed guitar!   (*teary eyes* Thank you.) 
  • So, is it difficult to use the computer mouse with the right hand? (I don’t know. I am not computer-literate)
  • Did you know that the right side of your brain works more because you are a lefty. Ironic, right?! (You sure do know a lot) .



The Battle

The lizard on the wall
Stared at me
I stared back
Determined we both were
But somehow the one on the wall looked more pensive
Its eyes as black as its shadow
While my eyes reflected the reptile
I stared at it
It stared back diligently
It was
a never ending battle of unmatched tomfoolery

One fine second
It moved a bit
My eyes narrowed
But its eyes were still fixed at me

After a while
so utterly bored it looked
It turned away
I thought I won
But i was wrong
As the lizard
went back to killing its prey
And I went back to killing my life

Just saying…

“I guess we are who we are,

Headlights shining in the dark night I drive on

Maybe we took this too far.”

I am not a big follower of the rap genre of music. I would listen to some of the Eminem raps once in a while when I felt very angry and wanted to curse my life and the people in it (listening to such music is often labelled – rebellion and radicalism) but not more than that…

But I heard this one (Headlights) by Eminem recently, which was released on Mother’s day, and I was speechless. The song isn’t strikingly emotional. It isn’t much catchy. It’s a story about an international artist I barely know anything about, but I couldn’t help but listen to it over and over again.

If you’ve heard some of Eminem’s previous raps, he has laid some serious accusations on his mother for her parenting techniques and her way of living. And now at the age of 41 he writes a song apologising to his mother for all her said and did.

Maybe it took him these many years to realise or maybe he still hasn’t or maybe he had but never made a song about it whatever maybe the reason, he accepted and forgave. He acknowledged that no matter whatever was in the past he cannot stop loving her because she after all is his mother.

Forgiveness, in my opinion, is a herculean act.

I’ve seen people who live their whole lives and still hate that one person they always hated, to their death-bed. Also I have seen people remorseful about what they said, did or were but never apologising for it. And when I look back in my life I think I am one of those people. Maybe it’s cowardice but then ‘I guess we are who we are’.

Sometimes it is easy to get rid of certain bad memories while some are permanently embedded in your life like the sun in the sky.