Starers gonna stare and bubble wraps gonna…pop?

Hello folks! Brace yourselves, blink your eyes at the rate of an annoying housefly’s wings and forgive my incredible consistency! Ahoy! It’s time for a Dimecdote! 

More like for awkwardophile post of the month. Eheh. Did you notice the underlined word there? Yep, it’s not a ‘word’ per se. -wears the badass shades and reflects on Mount Doom-

So, moving on!

Yesterday, we had some guests over for dinner! Believe me, I struggled hard with ending the last statement in an exclamation mark. For those of you unaware what a guest is it’s ‘a person who wants to check in on you to see if you’ve (by some accident or social experiment) turned into your social media profile picture’


These three life forms who came to visit us included – a male, a female, their 4 year old kid. I love kids. I do! I love their fearlessness, honesty, and instantaneous decision when asked to choose between their parents. Well, this kid was talkative…but..only when with my parents. He even shared the name of his favourite chocolate and shoelace-trick with them. It went on for an hour with his ‘upcoming football air-kicks’ or how he dreams of building the biggest toy-car track set, and, then came the dreaded ‘Go on, take him to your room. Talk to him.’ -cheerful parent chatter commences-

My brother was not in the house so all the responsibility to keep the child engaged was on my meek shoulders. Kids are easy to talk to, and they have so much to say anyway…or so you would think. Once he was in my room he looked at me the way my teachers did back in school. A loathsome yet pitiful looooong stare…UNTIL! *To demonstrate further here’s a pictorial representation (yeah, again, get over it) of how it went.*


Untitled - Copy
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How manga can save you from getting killed and becoming a killer! Kind of..

Regardless of the title if you decided to read this post then – Congratulations! You are a brave soul and you’re going to witness the birth of an awful cartoonist today. This is the -exact- graphical representation of how last year around the same time I nearly escaped death or being charged with murder. Either ways if that would have happened this blog would not have come into existence. That escalated quickly, didn’t it?

About the event – It was annual school alumni meet. Before I went for convent education I studied in a public school. This isn’t about public vs convent schools in anyway – it’s just the kind of people I met at these places were drastically different from each other. And, that made me a rock. I am thankful for the experience – but my ex-classmates…oh my ex-classmates. This is pretty much how it went when one of my favourites (you’ll see why) came to greet me. Um hmm…I hold grudges, and I draw stickman comics (from today?) so Beware! For it shall rain beetroot juice blood! Also, excuse the grammatical errors (if any) for reasons stated in the last sentence. :’)

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It’s Tea Love

It’s about time I
wrote a love song
A love song about
my beloved Tea
There is no secret
or pain, no colour
no shame, that you
cannot devour
Dear, Tea
my love for you
surpasses time,
age and some day
maybe even existence!

No picture can
capture your perfection
No pretty cup can
measure your worth
You don’t have to be
sweet to make me happy
You don’t divide your
essence by colours
You’re beyond the
shallow human love
Oh, mighty Tea!
And, I could go on
and on about my love for you
But, I shall pause for
another cup of you, please?

What were my pet bunnies thinking?

So, about a year and a half ago my brother and I somehow convinced (*actually forced, there were quite a lot of fake promises involved too*) our parents to get us a pair of pet bunnies. We were so thrilled. They were two little white fur-balls of joy. We would spend all day with them. We called one of them Chubby, because it was the fatter one so…(*fair enough*) and the other one was Loki, because it was evil and arrogant but I love Loki so I gave it the name (*so much thought put in here, eh?*)
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The Battle

The lizard on the wall
Stared at me
I stared back
Determined we both were
But somehow the one on the wall looked more pensive
Its eyes as black as its shadow
While my eyes reflected the reptile
I stared at it
It stared back diligently
It was
a never ending battle of unmatched tomfoolery

One fine second
It moved a bit
My eyes narrowed
But its eyes were still fixed at me

After a while
so utterly bored it looked
It turned away
I thought I won
But i was wrong
As the lizard
went back to killing its prey
And I went back to killing my life