There were days when I thought that tears were the only ocean I would ever taste
Times when to breathe was the hardest part
and the concepts of light and dark were at waste
But now the clock I wind up in accordance to me
As I will
as I wish
and as I want it to be
Rekindled is my once contemptuous spirit that had its lungs and limbs filled with sand
As I empty those bags
I don’t need lungs to breathe or legs to walk the land
I now flutter with those winged and they shiver at my intensity
Neither do I require wings
nor a blow of breeze to bear my potency
My inclination and perpetuity bind together to the immortal embodiment
To instil the aura of those lost to the human senses my thought is lent
I will not spare any existence in sight, Oxygenate every life with the parts of me that now shine bright
White shadows and shifting beings might try to disobey the nature of dynamism
But what’s not there cannot be challenged, yet again can never be empowered
It is because I was
I am and I shall be
the one, who will show you a whimsical person when you show me a hero
the one, who will show you a person of misunderstood pain when you show me a villain
the one who has the virtue to be the one,
To be and let others be, and leave for you
Perennial whispers
whispers of immortality


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