1. Exactly, and people can be so indifferent to it at times, even the newspapers. It’s like reading a death toll report, no empathy whatsoever.
      There is a school in my country where a six year old was raped by a teacher, can you imagine the extent of brutality the poor soul has gone through? The media turns everything into a political drama, as if painting faces and writing banners are going to help the situation. Strict action needs to be taken against such people. But maybe, I am just like them to sit here and write a haiku about it.


  1. It’s not really feasible to be a constant adherent of the unfortunate. One has to live one’s life, and not try to live others’. I struggle with the disconnect as well. I don’t know how to care for only some, so I just deaden the pain as much as I can before passing judgment on the world.


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